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Ağız, Diş ve Çene Cerrahisi

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It can be applied to patients whose tooth color is congenitally dark or whose tooth color has turned yellow due to various reasons.

There are two ways of treatment;

* Home Type Teeth Whitening

A special plaque is prepared for the mouth according to the measurement taken from the mouth. The patient applies the special gel given to the patient by the physician periodically.

* Office Type Teeth Whitening

It is applied by the dentist in the clinical setting, after isolating the gums, and activating a special gel that is applied to the teeth by chemical means or with a light device. In bleaching performed with a normal light device, sessions take approximately 30-45 minutes and the result can be observed immediately. The duration of the treatment depends on the dentist and the degree of whiteness desired by the patient to the extent that it will not cause damage to the tooth. Approximately 3 sessions are performed with an interval of 2 days. In cases where the light device is a laser, results are obtained in one session as a result of the session lasting approximately 1 hour.