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Endodontics; It is the science that deals with the diseases around the pulp chamber (pulp) and the root of the tooth, which is located under the hard tissues of the tooth and consists of vessels and nerves, and their treatment.

When the pulp of the tooth is sick, it loses its vitality with severe pain. This usually happens with tooth decay and the pulp of the tooth becomes infected.

If the infection is not treated, “purulent sacs” called abscesses form as a result of inflammation in the root tips and jawbone. These abscesses can progress and destroy the bone tissue around the tooth.

Teeth that had been damaged years ago were immediately extracted as they could not be saved. However, thanks to root canal treatment, even when these teeth die biologically, they are cleaned inside and made not to disturb other teeth, and you can make them reusable by filling and prevent a missing tooth in your mouth.