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Porcelain Laminate (Leaf Veneer)

It is the process of gluing a thin layer of porcelain to the front surfaces of the teeth after slight abrasion on the front surfaces of the teeth.

Porselen Lamine avantajları nelerdir?

  • Since porcelain is prepared in a very thin layer, its light transmission and reflection is very close to the natural tooth, and thanks to this feature, it provides excellent aesthetics.
  • It is sufficient to open a nail-wide slot in your tooth.
  • No teeth need to be cut (reduced) more than necessary,
  • Since the porcelain surfaces will be extremely smooth, it minimizes the stains and tartar formations caused by smoking and similar reasons.
  • It has high resistance to abrasion.
  • Who is Porcelain Laminate applied to?

For those who are not satisfied with the shape of their teeth In case of tooth discoloration in the anterior region, when the bleaching procedures applied for the treatment of discolorations cannot be obtained Those with gaping teeth In cases with large fillings in the front teeth and lack of aesthetic appearance as a result of filling the caries with filling In people with broken or worn front teeth In hereditary structure disorders Correction of crooked and crooked teeth (as an alternative to orthodontic treatment)