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It is a science that examines and solves the problems related to oral and dental health from birth to the end of adolescence. Follow-up and prevention of tooth eruption disorders, application of preventive methods for deciduous teeth and permanent teeth, treatment of caries in deciduous and permanent teeth, protection of toothless cavities that may occur as a result of early extractions by making appliances to prevent the tooth sequence in the future, and even the application of child prostheses to children born without teeth. includes.

Fissure Sealant

The chewing surfaces of the teeth are indented and are often the places where cavities begin due to the inability to clean the food. In order to prevent bruising, a special flowing filling material is applied to these areas. It should be done shortly after the permanent teeth begin to erupt. It may be necessary to fill instead of fissure sealant, as the probability of cavities increases as the duration increases. Before applying the sealant, your teeth are brushed with a special solution, cleaned and dried by your dentist. The enamel layer on the top of the tooth is roughened with the help of a gel and bonding is applied, the light sealent is provided to fill the recesses with the help of a brush, and it is hardened with light again. It is checked whether there is a height and a protective varnish is applied on it. Very simple, cheap. It is a painless and effective type of preservative.

Colored Dental Fillings

Dental treatment of young children can sometimes be challenging. In order to make the dental treatment of these children more fun and to motivate them for this treatment, we may prefer to make colorful fillings for children. Colored dental fillings are made of the same material as tooth-colored fillings.

Fluorine Applications

Superficial fluoride applications are a simple, painless procedure that can be started from the age of 3 and should be repeated every 6 months. After this application, which takes a few minutes, the fluoride stored on the surface of the child’s teeth will make the teeth much healthier and stronger.

Placeholder Appliances

milk teeth in children; Early losses due to reasons such as excessive caries, infection, dental traumas, tooth root resorption (the permanent teeth coming from below cause the roots of milk teeth to melt and fall out), genetic problems, insufficient breast milk feeding, finger-lip sucking, wrong bottle and pacifier use livable. All kinds of loss of milk teeth, except for natural cases where they fall out on their own without any intervention, are known as early loss of milk teeth.