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Digital smile design is the creation of a personalized, aesthetic smile design by dentists using digital technologies. In the field of dentistry, digital design software is used in our country as well as all over the world. In these software, the tooth structure and facial proportions of the person are analyzed in depth.

Thanks to digital software, dentists can achieve the most accurate harmony between the patient’s tooth structure, gums, lips and face. Thus, a natural and aesthetic smile can be created for the person. In digital smile design, a patient-oriented treatment is performed. The smile style that suits each person is different. That’s why dentists design the most suitable smile for the person.

In digital smile design, it will take 2 sessions to make the design and show it in the mouth. Dentists take the patient’s records in the first session. Then, in the second session, the smile design made for the patient on digital software is shown. If the patient approves the design made after the digital smile design program, the necessary studies begin immediately. If revisions are required, digital smile design may take 3 sessions.

How to Make a Digital Smile Design?

The first appointment in digital smile design goes like this;

  • A digital impression of the teeth is taken using a 3D intraoral scanner.
  • Photographs of the patient are taken from different angles in a private studio.
  • Case examples are shown to the patient in the form of a before/after made by the dentist.
  • Thanks to special software, digital smile design is made.

The second appointment in digital smile design is now the process where the processes begin. The second appointment goes like this:

  • Necessary procedures are performed for the patient’s teeth and gums.
  • Thanks to the 3D intraoral scanner, the digital measurement of the teeth is taken
  • The patient’s approval for digital smile design is obtained and necessary revisions are made.