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CAD/CAM applications

CAD-CAM applications in dentistry are one of the last points of technology.

In traditional methods, the measurement of a cut tooth is taken with the help of a measuring spoon and measuring material, and the cast metal infrastructure is covered with porcelain. In CAD-CAM applications, a three-dimensional picture of the tooth is taken with a special camera. The three-dimensional pictures taken are sent to the computer and the dentures to be made are designed in the computer environment.

Digital Smile Design

Smile design, as the name suggests, is a personalized design. If the smile design is not prepared individually, it is not possible to talk about aesthetics. At the same time, there are always people with identical teeth. For this reason, studies such as color selection, model work, aesthetic plan, gingival aesthetics are done for individuals. Thanks to these works, a real artistic work emerges and the smile of the person becomes special to him. Our most important assistant in these studies is digital planning. The digital planning work starts with the photo shoot and all the records of the person are taken into the computer environment.

Laser Treatments

Laser operations are performed in soft and hard tissue in dentistry.

The application of laser in dentistry allows painless, bleeding-free and anesthesia-free dental treatments, that is, cleaning the decayed tissues in the teeth, treating gingival infections, performing cyst operations, in short, all kinds of treatments in the mouth.

Digital Surgical Guide

Digital surgical guides allow implants to be placed in the bone at an ideal angle and position. In implant surgeries, these guidelines provide great convenience to both the physician and the patient.