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What is Composite Filling?

Teeth wear over time due to various reasons. A bruise, crack or fracture occurs. Filling is applied to repair the damaged teeth due to such reasons. Composite filling stands out as the most commonly used filling type. The composite filling, which is in paste form before it is applied to the tooth, is hardened with the help of special lights after the application. Because the composite filling is tooth-colored, it looks aesthetically pleasing and preserves tooth integrity. Composite filling is produced according to tooth tone.

In Which Problems Is Composite Filling Applied?

Filling is among the most common dental treatment procedures. In order to understand that the tooth needs a filling, it is necessary to pay attention to certain warnings. Filling is usually done when teeth are cracked or broken, severe toothache is experienced, increased tooth sensitivity occurs, or the existing filling is broken. In addition to these, filling can also be done to fill the tooth cavities and correct the deformity of the teeth.