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What is the All On Four technique?

All on four technique is a technique that has been used for 20 years and its scientific success has been proven. In the technique, 2 implants are placed in the posterior region of the chin at an angle of 30 – 45 degrees, while the other 2 implants are placed perpendicular to the anterior region.

When the bone melts in the molar region of the lower jaw, the lower jaw nerve passing here and the maxillary sinuses in the upper jaw prevent implantation in these areas. Advanced surgical techniques are needed to implant here, which means approximately 1 year of treatment time and high cost for the patient. In the All on four technique, it gives the patient the chance to have a fixed prosthesis in front of these anatomical obstacles. In the All-on-four technique, the implants are placed in the morning and they have temporary fixed prostheses in the evening. After 3-4 months, permanent prostheses are made. During this period, patients do not live without teeth at all.

How is the treatment done?

In the All on four treatment, measurements are taken from the patients before the treatment and temporary prostheses are prepared. If the patient has teeth to be extracted under local anesthesia, they are extracted and their implants are placed. Temporary prostheses made by taking measurements from the top of the implants are applied to these implants.

What should be considered after the All On Four Implant treatment?

Patients should use the given drugs regularly and should not eat hot for a few days. Dental implant patients made with All on four should not eat hard foods under any circumstances during the temporary prosthesis period. Patients must be fed a soft diet. The reason for this is to reduce the load on dental implants. After 3 months, they can start normal food consumption in permanent prostheses.

What are the advantages!

It is the making of implants and prostheses on the same day without the need for advanced surgical techniques. Patients come with their removable dentures and go home with their fixed dentures in the evening of the same day. The problem of the operation is very little since there is no pressure on the wounds.