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Transparent plaque treatments, which emerged with the development of technology, appear as a much more aesthetic orthodontic treatment method with many advantages compared to classical methods. This orthodontic treatment, which can be applied to both adults, young people and children, is one of the most ideal and most aesthetic treatment options for people who do not want to wear braces but are not satisfied with the appearance of their teeth.

How to Produce Transparent Plaques According to Tooth Movement?

The measurements taken from the patient are transferred to the digital environment and the teeth are gradually moved to their ideal positions in the digital environment. Transparent plaques are produced in series according to the desired position of the teeth to move. Each plate creates 0.05 mm of movement. The plates are attached for 15 days and then the other plate is passed.

What are the Advantages of Orthodontic Treatment with Transparent Plaques?


  • The most important feature of their plaques is that they are almost completely invisible. No one but you will be able to notice that you are wearing clear aligners.
  • Treatment with transparent aligners is more comfortable than traditional bracing methods, there is no stinging and scar formation because there is no wire or metal part in the mouth, the treatment is more painless than traditional braces treatment.
  • It does not have a negative effect on speech, there is no need to remove it in presentations and meetings.
  • With Transparent Plaque technology, you can put your teeth in their ideal position and have a healthy smile, without the pain and ache from tooth distortions, and in a way that cannot be noticed by anyone.

Is There an Age Limit for Treatment?

It can be easily applied to both teenagers and adults. It can be worn easily from 12 to 80 years old.